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 How can I use high-grade heat to regenerate a desiccant?
 How can I use very-high-grade heat to run a Stirling engine?
 How can I use high-grade heat to run a turbine?
 How can I use low-grade heat to move air?  How much "pull" can a draft pull?

 Goswami: turbines for combined power and cooling
     (poor URL is http:///www.fh-luebeck.de/an/pt/solar/publish/euros-00.pdf )
 Low-temperature low-pressure vapor turbines (like for ocean currents)
 Scroll expanders for solar-driven mechanical work
 Steam engines and steam turbines (not too "novel", admittedly)
 Vortex cooling
 Solar chimneys (the huge ones for megawatt power)

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