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Here's Marc: ... Mo: ... my dad Norm: and my mom Janis:

Here are some travelogues from Janis.

Some personal photos:
Sailing in the Bahamas '96 ... Eileen & James's Wedding ... The house I'm renting with Mo. ... Jo and Bo's Wedding ... Rosarito Ensenada Fun Ride 9/98 ... Inference Halloween '98 ... My sailboat (which is for sale) ... Robbie & Belinda's Circus Pub gathering, 12/19/98 (pictures by Ezekiel and Hazel) ... Mo's gymnastics competition, 1/30/99, Petaluma CA ... Northwest trip 3/99
One of my favorite gadgets, updated version: a hot-water operated chiller. (Formerly the propane refrigerator.) Use heat to make cold. Here's a good explanation of absorption cooling I recently found.
My past research includes papers on learning to classify newswire articles and robot planning in the Tileworld.